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The Sales Rep Artisan

Meet Ava, the world’s best AI SDR. She takes care of the end-to-end cold email sales process.

Ava Is Here And Ready To Supercharge Your Outbound Email

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Ava Plays The Role
 Of 10 Outbound
 Sales Reps

Ava has 10x the skills a human appointment setter would have, but costs over 90% less. No, this isn’t magic – it’s AI.

Ava Prospects Leads, With 265 Million Contacts

With access to a database of over 265 million contacts and over 65 filters, our AI sales agent leaves no rock unturned when it comes to prospecting.

She Ghostwrites Highly Bespoke Email Sequences With AI

Ava will craft compelling, highly personalized email sequences with AI and self-optimize over time.

She will send these emails on your behalf, using your name as the sender.

Emails Are Sent Using Your Name

Ava will send emails using your name and email address. If you turn off our email branding, nobody will know they have been written by AI.

Sends 1000s
Of Emails Per Month

You can add an unlimited quantity of email addresses for your agent to manage, and there is no limit to the number of outbound emails they can send.

Self-Improves Over Time

Ava will constantly optimize for meeting bookings and positive sentiment responses.

Warms Up Email Addresses

With built-in email warmup (which uses best-in-class AI writing and a managed seed list), your Artisan ensures email deliverability.

Ava Automatically Books Meetings Into Your Calendar

During setup, you’ll give your Artisan your calendar booking link, which they’ll strategically send to leads, getting meetings for you like clockwork.

Ava's AI Takes Full Control With Autopilot

Our full autopilot mode allows Ava to have complete creative freedom when creating emails.

Interact With Ava How You Would Any Other Colleague

Communicate With Ava In Slack

You can message Ava in your organization slack, and can even add her to different channels for her to consume information & become more familiar with your company.

Ava Will Contact You Unprompted

If Ava has a suggestion for you outbound sales campaign, notices something isn't working, or wants to share some data, she'll send you a message - unprompted.

Ava Can Do Everything For You

Everything the platform does can be managed just by talking to Ava. We're not just creating world-class SaaS, we're ingraining digital workers that can do everything for you.

Onboard Ava In Less Than 10 Minutes

Hire Ava now and she’ll be sending emails on your behalf in as soon as an hour.

Interested In Hiring Ava? Join Our Webinar On March 13th For An Exclusive Live Onboarding

We’re hosting a live webinar on March 13th at 9AM Pacific Time! We’ll give you a full run-through of the Artisan platform, and take you through onboarding live. By joining this webinar, you get to skip the waitlist.