We Create Digital Workers Called Artisans And World-Class Software

Artisans are out-of-the-box AI digital workers that integrate seamlessly with human teams.

We CreateOut Of The Box Digital Workers, Called Artisans

Artisans are out-of-the-box AI digital workers that integrate seamlessly with human teams.

Meet The First Artisan Ava, The Sales Rep

Ava is a highly productive sales rep specialized in outbound sales, and she can be onboarded in 10 minutes.

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Highly Productive Teams Hire Artisans

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Ava, The Sales Rep

Supercharge your outbound sales, at scale

  • Discovers leads with 250 million contacts & 65 data points
  • Writes & sends bespoke email sequences to 1000s of prospects
  • Replies to prospects’ questions
  • Books meetings into SDRs’ calendars

Noah, The Designer

Level Up With Striking Digital & Print Designs

  • Creates & executes multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Optimizes all channels & campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Uses superhuman data analytics to track your most important metrics

Liam, The Marketer

Supercharge Your Growth Without Huge Overheads

  • Creates & executes multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Learns from your team & builds a world model of your company
  • Uses advanced data analytics to optimize for ROI

Artisans Are The First Generation Of Human-Like Digital Workers

End-To-End Workflow Automation

Artisans don't just automate simple, repetitive tasks - they automate job functions from end to end.

Participating Members Of Your Team

Artisans aren’t a SaaS tool for your team to use, they are additions to your team. As you interact with them via web/Slack, they get to know you.

Onboarded In Under 10 Minutes

You onboard your Artisan with a 10-minute back & forth conversation, with no technical or domain-specific skills required.

Artisans Automate Job Workflows From End To End

Through our own feature rich SaaS platform and API integrations with other tools you use on a daily basis, Artisans can perform 1000s of tasks with minimal human input.

They Have An Intuitive Platform

The dashboard is your one-stop-shop for managing your Artisan. 

  • Use agent-specific features
  • View analytics & data reports
  • Edit your Artisan’s settings and workflow

Just Chat - Artisans Can Use All Platform Features

Chat with your Artisan via our web chat or Slack app. You can ask them to do tasks, change settings, do research, or just seek some advice.

They’ll even send you unprompted updates & suggestions.

Artisans Self-Improve Every Single Day

Through the messages you send to your Artisan, your Artisan’s independent research, the data we collect during your interaction with the dashboard, and new features we introduce, your Artisan is constantly improving.

Ready To Supercharge Your Team's Productivity With An Artisan?

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