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We’re Spearheading The Next Industrial Revolution

Sitting on the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence, we’re creating the next generation of workers.
Artisans work seamlessly alongside human teams, dramatically increasing their productivity.

Our Mission

We’re Not Creating AI Agents.

We’re Creating Artisans.

There are 1000s of companies creating faceless AI agents to automate specific tasks – we’re taking a different approach. Artisans act as additional team members, taking over where they’re able to and calling in human help when needed. We envision a world in which humans & Artisans work alongside one another to propel humanity forward and drive economic growth that benefits everybody.

Meet The Founders

Jaspar Carmichael-Jack

Co-Founder & CEO

Rupert Dodkins

Co-Founder & CTO

Are You Driven, Gritty & Extraordinarily Talented?

To achieve our mission, we’re assembling a team of superheroes. Our hiring is currently focused on R&D & Product, but whatever you’ve got to bring to the table, we want to hear from you.