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Artisan Labs

We’re the only research lab with the sole focus of creating the foundational technologies required to build human-like digital workers, with the mission of driving humanity towards its greatest goals.

We’re developing the foundational technologies to usher in the next Industrial Revolution

All of our research stems from our mission to alleviate humans from the work they don’t enjoy, and to propel humanity forward. While technologies created from our research will power Artisan, we don’t want to gatekeep technological advancement. We’re creating a series of APIs to allow anyone to build on top of our technologies.

Our Foundational Technologies

We’re building a 2-part system. The ALM is the core, hosting the memory, communication, abilities & personality of the digital worker. Skills are then called upon to allow the ALM to take multimodal actions.

The Artisanal Language Model (ALM)

The ALM is a language model trained specifically to communicate, learn and execute tasks like a human worker.

Adjacent Technologies

We are developing a series of currently confidential technologies for the ALM to interact with, which will enable it to take actions and interact in ways never seen before.

We will share further information on the ALM & Skills as they are ready for public deployment

Our Articles

We’re committed to driving the entire AI ecosystem forward, and share pivotal learnings & thoughts publicly.

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Want To Build The Future Of Work?

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